Category: Open peer review

LIBER 2021: The Evolving Scholar – rethinking publishing

There is so much happening in scholarly communications! We know about the raised problems of researchers in the publishing landscape, about the lack of transparency and visibility or the gaps in recognition of their work, like peer-reviewing, within the research assessment. On the other side, cOAlitionS announced their intentions of returning the public money to..

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Author Spotlight: Making the most out of whey with open knowledge and peer review

Maria Paula Giulianetti de Almeida (left) and David Weissbrodt (right) in the laboratories of the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, at TU Delft.

Milk and cheese play major roles in many diets all around the world. Yet, few are aware of the problems brought about by cheese whey – a massive by-product from dairy processing. “Here in Brazil, I came across so many difficulties in finding information about how much whey was produced, and what was done with..

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