We have three publishing streams: Open Books, Open Textbooks and Open Access Journals. In 2021 we published twenty-one open access books, and five open textbooks and launched three Open Access journals.


Figure 1: Publications type per faculties in 2021                           Figure 2: percentage of publication type until 2021

Publishing Services

  • How to publish an open access book

This infographic displays the available options for researchers to publish an open book


  • Print On Demand 

Late in 2021, a technical instalment was established on the TU Delft OPEN Publishing platform in order to provide the customers with a much appreciated Print On Demand (POD) Service. The POD supplier is HollandRidderkerk. They store the digital files in their warehouse, arrange the financial transactions with the customer and arrange worldwide shipping of the parcels. More information about POD can be found in the blogpost Print on demand by TU Delft OPEN Publishing

  • Publishing Agreements 

A completely new set of model contracts was prepared to optimize communication between TU Delft OPEN Publishing and its authors and editors. Model agreements were also prepared which editors of edited books and conference books can use in their role towards their authors. The agreements are available on the information page for authors and editors.


There were several directions of improvement and development throughout the whole TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

  • Website: author information, policies, guidelines
  • Implementation of new solutions for publishing in the new library-managed journal, The Evolving Scholar (ThES), powered by Orvium. Some of the focus points were:
    • to position ThES, in the given context, in the academic publishing landscape and identify the researchers that would need and use this publishing venue.
    • to experiment with the proposed solutions and find the implementation pain points:
      • discover and publish multiple new types of content,
      • give the control of the publishing process to the researchers,
      • facilitate open peer-review, and
      • investigate the possibilities for the formation of publishing communities.


We are using open source software as much as possible for our publications. We use the Open Journals System (OJS) and Open Monograph Press (OMP) for our journals and (text)-books respectively. We upgraded OJS and OMP but not to the latest version due to technical difficulties. We also used Orvium which offers open-peer review facilities to host articles for one of our journals.

Aerospace Engineering-LR
Applied Sciences-TNW
Architecture and the Built Environment -BK
Civil Engineering and Geosciences-CiTG
Industrial Design -IO
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science-EWI
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering-3mE
Technology, Policy and Management-TBM