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Welcome to the TU Delft OPEN Publishing Blog! Its objective is to share innovative concepts, to trigger discussion and to highlight our latest developments and progress. This blog endorses openness, fairness and diversity.  Opinions are those of the authors.

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TU Delft OPEN Publishing and printed books TU Delft Open Publishing –established 2019- is determined to become an active player in publishing high-quality reviewed books by TU Delft authors and TU Delft editors. Books can manifest as monograph, conference collection bundle, textbook or edited volume. Agreements that regulates the responsibilities between authors, editors and TU..

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Author Spotlight – Bringing recognition to coastal and hydraulic structures

Maasvlakte 2

As climate change and sea level rise impact coastal regions around the world, coastal engineering will play an increasingly important role in addressing the related challenges. With that in mind, Dr. Bas Hofland, Associate Professor of Coastal Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences helped to launch the Journal of Coastal and Hydraulic..

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Author Spotlight: The role of design in stations of the future

Stations are vital parts of national and urban infrastructure. As metropolitan areas grow and evolve, so must the transportation centres that serve them. Considering changing modes of mobility, sustainability concerns, and societal needs, what should the station of the future look like? Dr. Manuela Triggianese, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built..

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Author Spotlight: Solving a riddle with the community

Plane in the sky

Aircraft tell air traffic controllers and observers on the ground information about their position, speed, etc, thus allowing them to be tracked. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Mode S are two types of radar systems that allow air traffic control to receive this information and monitor aircraft’s movements and positions. Hence, ADS-B and Mode S signals are incredibly valuable sources of information for those studying air traffic management and aircraft performance modelling. In his new book “The 1090 Megahertz Riddle: A Guide..

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