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Welcome to the TU Delft OPEN Publishing Blog! Its objective is to share innovative concepts, to trigger discussion and to highlight our latest developments and progress. This blog endorses openness, fairness and diversity.  Opinions are those of the authors.

TU Delft Open Access monitor 2022

TU Delft published 98% of the peer reviewed articles in 2022 open access. For the 9th time, the open access monitor was conducted for TU Delft by the Research Support team. The reporting was done using the current definitions of the national framework OA monitoring. Stronger than in all previous years, the share of open..

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Editor Spotlight – Standardisation can help solve the world’s complex challenges

The world we live in is becoming more and more complex every day. From smart homes to renewable energy, we are continually trying to create systems that can make our lives easier and solve the grand challenges facing society. But in order to create these complex systems, standards are needed and understanding the process of..

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Call for Consultancy: Reviewing the technical infrastructure of TU Delft OPEN

  “TU Delft OPEN is a university publisher for high-standard publications on subjects that are relevant to TU Delft, offering a community-driven, open access communication channel. TU Delft scholars are at the heart of our services. We listen to their needs, and we value their input, and as a result offer tailor-made, professional services. Driven..

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