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Welcome to the TU Delft OPEN Publishing Blog! Its objective is to share innovative concepts, to trigger discussion and to highlight our latest developments and progress. This blog endorses openness, fairness and diversity.  Opinions are those of the authors.

Editor spotlight: Rethinking education on urban challenges in the Global South

Equipping people to solve the urban challenges of the Global South requires innovative approaches and new perspectives. Building on a successful MOOC they created in 2017, a team at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment wanted to make the educational materials even more inclusive and accessible. Using a unique bottom-up approach, they..

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Scholarly Communications and Publishing Peer Review Workshop

The Minor Collaborative Science for Biomedical Breakthroughs (Nanobiology) invited TU Delft OPEN Publishing to conduct a workshop on the paper review process in science. The workshop aimed to introduce students to the merits, challenges, and advantages/disadvantages to the review process, as well as to provide hands-on practice with open peer review using students’ own work. ..

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Author spotlight: Climate change and the effects on coastal structures

Due to climate change, addressing sea level rise has become one of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Coastal structures like breakwaters and dykes play an important role in protecting the surrounding areas, but they are also at risk from rising sea levels. With decades of experience in coastal engineering, Professor Marcel van..

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Editor spotlight: A radically different architecture journal

This is not your mainstream journal of architecture. In fact, executive editors Andrej Radman and Stavros Kousoulas say the Footprint – Delft Architecture Theory Journal is meant to be radically different. Bringing together architectural theory and philosophy, they aim to provide a platform that is open and inclusive, sparks interest in the reader, and presents..

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Designing solutions for and with researchers

Nicoleta Nastase photo

Researchers often need support with many activities related to their scholarly endeavours. As Publishing Innovation Advisor for Scholarly Communication and Publishing at TU Delft’s Library Research Services, Nicoleta Nastase investigates the needs of researchers, mainly in publishing and citizen science, to improve existing services or to design new ones for and with researchers. Facilitating the..

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