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Call for Consultancy: Reviewing the technical infrastructure of TU Delft OPEN

  “TU Delft OPEN is a university publisher for high-standard publications on subjects that are relevant to TU Delft, offering a community-driven, open access communication channel. TU Delft scholars are at the heart of our services. We listen to their needs, and we value their input, and as a result offer tailor-made, professional services. Driven..

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Author spotlight – Making educational material on water and coastal management more accessible

Jill Slinger

As a researcher in water and coastal management, Associate Professor Jill Slinger is also an advocate of open access. Through her work in the Multi Actor Systems Department of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) at TU Delft, she utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods to advance stakeholder-inclusive, model-based decision making and co-design. ..

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Open working in practice at PKP Sprint 2022 Helsinki

The diamond Open Access academic publisher, TU Delft OPEN publishing, prioritises open source software and the use of open infrastructures. Following the principles of open publishing, we opted for Open Journal Systems (OJS) an open-source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals and Open Monograph Press (OMP) an open-source software application for managing and publishing scholarly (text)-books. OJS..

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