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Editor spotlight: A radically different architecture journal

This is not your mainstream journal of architecture. In fact, executive editors Andrej Radman and Stavros Kousoulas say the Footprint – Delft Architecture Theory Journal is meant to be radically different. Bringing together architectural theory and philosophy, they aim to provide a platform that is open and inclusive, sparks interest in the reader, and presents..

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Designing solutions for and with researchers

Nicoleta Nastase photo

Researchers often need support with many activities related to their scholarly endeavours. As Publishing Innovation Advisor for Scholarly Communication and Publishing at TU Delft’s Library Research Services, Nicoleta Nastase investigates the needs of researchers, mainly in publishing and citizen science, to improve existing services or to design new ones for and with researchers. Facilitating the..

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Editor Spotlight: Working towards a more sustainable maritime sector

There is an ongoing shift within the maritime industry toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources and technologies. At the forefront of this transition are researchers like Dr. Andrea Coraddu, Associate Professor in the Department of Maritime and Transport Technology at TU Delft’s Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering. His work centres on..

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Editor spotlight: Examining technology through a philosophical lens

Olya Kudina

In a world where people and technology are increasingly intertwined, the field of postphenomenology offers a framework for understanding the complex and nuanced ways in which technology shapes the human experience. Working in this area, Dr. Olya Kudina, Assistant Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Technology at TU Delft’s Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management..

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Enabling researchers to manage their data and software better

Effective research data and software management enhance the reliability and impact of research outcomes, promote transparency, and support the broader scientific community by enabling the reuse and validation of research findings. As head of TU Delft’s research data and software (RDS) team, Dr. Yan Wang oversees all the Library services around research data and software..

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