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Author Spotlight: Solving a riddle with the community

Plane in the sky

Aircraft tell air traffic controllers and observers on the ground information about their position, speed, etc, thus allowing them to be tracked. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Mode S are two types of radar systems that allow air traffic control to receive this information and monitor aircraft’s movements and positions. Hence, ADS-B and Mode S signals are incredibly valuable sources of information for those studying air traffic management and aircraft performance modelling. In his new book “The 1090 Megahertz Riddle: A Guide..

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Author Spotlight: Enabling the continual transformation of coastal dynamics education

Portraits of Judith Bosboom and Marcel Stive

Approximately half the world’s population lives and works within a couple of hundred kilometres of a coastline – there is a thirst for coastal dynamics knowledge at every shore. This is why, since its publication in February this year, the open textbook “Coastal Dynamics” by Dr. Judith Bosboom, senior lecturer Coastal Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, and Prof. Marcel Stive, Emeritus Professor of Coastal Engineering, has now been downloaded almost 4000 times in more than 36 countries. The new..

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Author Spotlight: Making the most out of whey with open knowledge and peer review

Maria Paula Giulianetti de Almeida (left) and David Weissbrodt (right) in the laboratories of the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, at TU Delft.

Milk and cheese play major roles in many diets all around the world. Yet, few are aware of the problems brought about by cheese whey – a massive by-product from dairy processing. “Here in Brazil, I came across so many difficulties in finding information about how much whey was produced, and what was done with..

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Author Spotlight: Contextualising 80 years of aerospace engineering education in the Netherlands

Book cover of 80 Years of Aerospace Engineering Education in the Netherlands

Aerospace engineering and innovation form a crucial part of the Dutch economy, and the TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering plays a vital role in incubating and nurturing new generations of talent. Yet, a lot of the story behind how aerospace education at TU Delft has changed over the last years remains inaccessible by an international audience, as it..

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