Saba Sharma

TU Delft/CODECHECK Hackathon: Some perspectives

  On Monday, September 18 2023, three codecheckers — Daniel Nüst, Stephen Eglen, and Jeremy Cohen — teamed up with participants from TU Delft and the Netherlands to share their expertise and insights on codechecking, an open and collaborative code review process. The first half of the day was dedicated to introducing the concept of..

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CODECHECK and TU Delft Hackathon

Are you interested in reproducible code and Open Science? We have the perfect opportunity for you!  As part of a pilot project between TU Delft and CODECHECK, we are looking for researchers in Delft who would like their papers or projects to be “codechecked” during a live code-checking hackathon on 18th September 2023.  A codecheck..

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