Are you interested in reproducible code and Open Science? We have the perfect opportunity for you! 

As part of a pilot project between TU Delft and CODECHECK, we are looking for researchers in Delft who would like their papers or projects to be “codechecked” during a live code-checking hackathon on 18th September 2023.  A codecheck is a light-touch independent peer review to check that your code and data can generate the computational results in your paper or project (see more details here). 

What do I get? 

  • A codechecker will work with you during the session to check whether your code and data can be run by others to generate the same or similar results. 
  • The codechecker will work with you to resolve any issues found during the code check, and make your code as reproducible as possible! 
  • Upon completion, your paper will receive a codecheck certificate that confirms your results could be reproduced.  This can be shared, e.g., with potential journal editors, to enhance the visibility and reproducibility of your work.  

By participating, you contribute towards making science more open and transparent! 

Sounds good! What should I do? 

Are you interested in participating in this event, and help contribute to promoting code reproducibility? Send an email to by 31st August 2023 with a brief description of your paper/project, and links to your code and data. This could be code related to: 

  • A paper that you have recently published 
  • A preprint that is publicly available 
  • Code and results files that have been or will be deposited in the 4TU.ResearchData repository, preferably using GitHub or GitLab 

In each case, the code and data underlying the paper should be openly available, or you plan to make them available once the paper is published.

Selected papers/project will be notified in early September 2023 and invited to join the hackathon.

What if I want to volunteer to be a codechecker instead?

If you are interested in learning more about the codecheck process, register on our event page to volunteer to become a codechecker at the hackathon.

Interested but still have questions? Ask us!

Write to us at, we are happy to answer any questions!