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Transparent recognition for every research contribution

Research activities have gradually become more collaborative and complex in the spirit of Open Science. As a result research outputs are more often produced by groups rather than individuals and increasingly multiple stakeholders are involved. While collaboration is becoming the norm, acknowledging the input of non-authors is usually limited to the classic acknowledgement section in..

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TU Delft OPEN Publishing: the free flow of knowledge

Publishing is an intrinsic part of academic life. But why publish at all? The motivation behind the act of publishing is very simple. Teachers and researchers want to freely share their experience and communicate about their findings. It is about advancing science, making impact for a better society and bringing science to not only scientists,..

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Open Textbooks: making the most out of your educational resources

Education in the 21st century is changing at a rapid pace and as a university we are confronted with new challenges all the time. Organising a course, dealing with the different ways through which students consume knowledge and sharing educational resources are just some of the challenges that require more than just pedagogical expertise. As a university..

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