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TU Delft OPEN Publishing | 2022 Annual Report Appendix

In this TU Delft OPEN Publishing_2022 Annual Report_Appendix, we offer comprehensive details about our portfolio.  Our publishing activities are presented in the TU Delft OPEN Publishing_2022 Annual Report Portfolio Books & Textbooks List of open textbooks published in 2022 Faculty  Title  ABE Building Information-Representation and Management: Principles and Foundations for the Digital Era INZICHT: Academische..

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TU Delft OPEN Publishing | 2022 Annual Report

Welcome to the TU Delft OPEN Publishing 2022 annual report! Established in 2019, we are a diamond open access university publisher dedicated to publishing high-standard publications that cover topics relevant to TU Delft. We work closely with our researchers and teachers, allowing us to offer personalized and professional services tailored to their needs. We aim..

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TU Delft OPEN Publishing acquires textbooks from Delft Academic Press

Delft Academic Press (DAP) with offices at Leeghwaterstraat 42, was the publisher of VSSD, TU Delft’s student union, until the end of 2022. In its long existence, it focused mainly on publishing teaching materials for Delft students. It also published monographs for other academic institutions.   A long History The current board of the VSSD..

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Author spotlight – Making educational material on water and coastal management more accessible

Jill Slinger

As a researcher in water and coastal management, Associate Professor Jill Slinger is also an advocate of open access. Through her work in the Multi Actor Systems Department of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) at TU Delft, she utilises both qualitative and quantitative methods to advance stakeholder-inclusive, model-based decision making and co-design. ..

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Author Spotlight: Enabling the continual transformation of coastal dynamics education

Portraits of Judith Bosboom and Marcel Stive

Approximately half the world’s population lives and works within a couple of hundred kilometres of a coastline – there is a thirst for coastal dynamics knowledge at every shore. This is why, since its publication in February this year, the open textbook “Coastal Dynamics” by Dr. Judith Bosboom, senior lecturer Coastal Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, and Prof. Marcel Stive, Emeritus Professor of Coastal Engineering, has now been downloaded almost 4000 times in more than 36 countries. The new..

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