Just de Leeuwe

TU Delft OPEN Publishing acquires textbooks from Delft Academic Press

Delft Academic Press (DAP) with offices at Leeghwaterstraat 42, was the publisher of VSSD, TU Delft’s student union, until the end of 2022. In its long existence, it focused mainly on publishing teaching materials for Delft students. It also published monographs for other academic institutions.   A long History The current board of the VSSD..

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TU Delft Open Access monitor 2022

TU Delft published 98% of the peer reviewed articles in 2022 open access. For the 9th time, the open access monitor was conducted for TU Delft by the Research Support team. The reporting was done using the current definitions of the national framework OA monitoring. Stronger than in all previous years, the share of open..

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Print on demand by TU Delft OPEN Publishing

TU Delft OPEN Publishing and printed books TU Delft Open Publishing –established 2019- is determined to become an active player in publishing high-quality reviewed books by TU Delft authors and TU Delft editors. Books can manifest as monograph, conference collection bundle, textbook or edited volume. Agreements that regulates the responsibilities between authors, editors and TU..

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