TU Delft published 98% of the peer reviewed articles in 2022 open access.

For the 9th time, the open access monitor was conducted for TU Delft by the Research Support team. The reporting was done using the current definitions of the national framework OA monitoring. Stronger than in all previous years, the share of open access has grown within TU Delft, both for peer reviewed articles and conference proceedings. The main cause lies in the strong growth of the share of green open access which has received a strong impulse since the TU Delft Short Scientific Work Regulations.
The basis of the count is the peer reviewed articles registered in PURE that were published in 2022. There were 4.411 articles found in PURE in 2022 compared to 4.500 articles in 2021. The decrease can be explained by the fact that in the TU Delft Data Warehouse the document type ‘conference article’ has been categorized as ‘conference proceeding’ where previously it was categorized as ‘journal article’ (where the conference articles were then published in a journal)

Growth of open access articles in percentages and absolute numbers at TU Delft in the years 2014-2022

TU Delft published 91% of conference proceedings in 2021 open access.
Conference proceedings have been monitored since 2016 where the number increased in percentage from 34% to 91%. Due to natural growth and the new categorization of conference papers in the TU Delft Data Warehouse, there is an increase of 339 papers in 2022 compared to 2021.

Growth of open access conference proceedings in percentages and absolute numbers at TU Delft in the years 2014-2022

Total number of TU Delft publications
TU Delft published a total of 5,977 peer reviewed articles and conference papers in 2022. In 2021 the total was 5,727, resulting in a growth of 4.4%

A=Gold Open Access 29.1% (MDPI, Frontiers, PLoS, SciPost)

B=Hybrid Open Access 38.6% (Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, SAGE)

C=Green Open access 30.7% (Short scientific works/Taverne, Author Accepted Manuscripts)