In this TU Delft OPEN Publishing_2022 Annual Report_Appendix, we offer comprehensive details about our portfolio.  Our publishing activities are presented in the TU Delft OPEN Publishing_2022 Annual Report


Books & Textbooks

  • List of open textbooks published in 2022
Building Information-Representation and Management: Principles and Foundations for the Digital Era 

INZICHT: Academische Vaardigheden voor Bouwkundigen 
Ports and Terminals 

Nederlands waterrecht van oud naar nieuw

Surveying and Mapping 
Delftse Foundations of Computation 2nd Edition 
3D Printing for Repair Guide 
Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems 2nd edition 


  • List of open books* published in 2022
Mapping Wuhan: Morphological atlas of the Urbanization of a Chinese City 

Spatial Building Typology (Volume 2) Vacant Heritage: Police Real Estate | The Netherlands 

Dutch Hofjes as Hidden Architectural Gems

A Manifesto for the Just City : 2021 edition

Faludi Blogging: Chasing Territorialism 

Design Actions for Shifting Conditions

Transit Stations: Sub-centers in Rotterdam Zuid

Proceedings CLIMA 2022: The 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress

INDESEM | The International Design Seminar: Emergence, Development, and Interplay with the Education in Delft

Teaching Design For Values: Concepts, Tools & Practices

Teaching, Learning & Researching: Spatial Planning
Circular Composites: A design guide for products containing composite materials in a circular economy
Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Obstacle Avoidance: Technical report

The Fluid Dynamic Basis for Actuator Disc and Rotor Theories: Revised Second Edition
Towards Improved Flood Defences: Five Years of All-Risk Research into the New Safety Standards 

Complex Coastal Systems: transdisciplinary learning on international case studies
CTE-STEM 2022 conference proceedings 

Note: We have excluded in our 2022 report the number of books published on the BK-Books platform.


  • List of open access journals published and hosted by TU Delft OPEN Publishing in 2022
Journal name
A+BE | Architecture and the Built Environment

DASH | Delft Architectural Studies on Housing


IPHS | International Planning History Society Proceedings

WP | Writingplace**
IJWG | International Journal of Water Governance

JCHS | Journal of Coastal and Hydraulic Structures

JCRFR | Journal of Coastal and Riverine Flood Risk
EJTIR | European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research

JISS | Journal of Integrated Security and Safety Science

JSCMS |Journal of Supply Chain Management Science

JOS | Journal of Standardisation
SST | Superhero Science and Technology
JOAS | Journal of Open Aviation Science
JDU | Journal of Delta Urbanism
ThES | The Evolving Scholar***
* Publisher Jap Sam books
** Publisher NAI010
*** ThES is a diamond Open Access journal with a self-organizing scholar community publishing model. That translates into the direct publication of papers and peer-reviews, enriched by comments from the readership, which encourages the interaction between the authors, their peers and their audience. The benefit is an accelerated publishing process and an open conversation for all the parties involved. The reviewers’ reports are checked for scope and form by moderators, while the feedback itself is in the hands of the community.
  • Number of articles published
Journal name Articles published in 2022 Total of articles published until 2022
A+BE (launched in 2009) 25 208
EJTIR (launched in 2011) 21 560
FOOTPRINT (launched in 2007) 23 136
IJWG (launched in 2013, flipped in 2021) 4 100
IPHSP (launched in 2021) 45
JCHS (launched in 2021) 11 21
JDU (launched in 2020) 5 20
JISSS (launched in 2011) 1 12
JSCMS (launched in 2017) 8 24
JOS (launched in 2022) 4 4
SST (launched in 2018) 1 11
ThES (launched in 2021) 61 125


Faculties abbreviations
Aerospace Engineering-AE
Applied Sciences-AS
Architecture and the Built Environment -ABE
Civil Engineering and Geosciences-CEG
Industrial Design Engineering-IDE
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science-EEMCS
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering-3mE
Technology, Policy and Management-TPM