“TU Delft OPEN is a university publisher for high-standard publications on subjects that are relevant to TU Delft, offering a community-driven, open access communication channel. TU Delft scholars are at the heart of our services. We listen to their needs, and we value their input, and as a result offer tailor-made, professional services. Driven by the ideals of Open Science, TU Delft OPEN Publishing adds value to both research and education, interconnecting science at TU Delft with society at large.” 


Running since 2019, TU Delft OPEN carries out the above mission. It is managed by the Library of TU Delft.  

TU Delft OPEN is currently run on several pieces of open-source software. Open Journal Systems (OJS) and the Open Monograph Press (OMP) – both open-source software initiated by the Public Knowledge Project – are the principal pieces. OJS is used for managing and delivering the journals and OMP for the books and textbooks. This software is managed in house. The code itself sits on servers managed by the university’s ICT service. Updates to the software and underlying data are largely carried out by one member of the TU Delft OPEN team.  

However, the current software choice and its management may not be the most efficient methods underlying the publishing process. Database management is a complex task and consequently the updates, testing, and tailored solutions, take much time. 

TU Delft OPEN is therefore looking for an expert consultant who can provide recommendations as to how TU Delft OPEN’s technical infrastructure can evolve. TU Delft OPEN are prepared for a variety of different options (e.g., other software, hosted solutions). This might involve an alternative technical setup with the same software, using different software inhouse (e.g., Janeway), or working with other partners (e.g., Ubiquity Press, Orvium). Deploying existing staff in different ways may also be a possible direction.  

The consultant should:  

  • Work with staff to define requirements for the system   
  • Analyse the current technical infrastructure, how staff are organised to manage that setup  
  • Undertake interviews with relevant staff to identify what challenges they currently face, and what changes to the setup will help TU Delft OPEN with its mission (interviews will be facilitated by the TU Delft OPEN team). Possible interviewees: ICT, Advisory Group, Users (editors, authors), TU Delft OPEN Staff, Library Staff  
  • Indicate the actual time and cost effort needed to manage the current set up, and the larger strategic implications of continuing with the current system 
  • Make recommendation(s) to how TU Delft OPEN can improve its technical infrastructure to implement its mission. The implications of different recommendations should be clearly identified. Identification of synergies with related work at the library would also be useful.  
  • The final deliverable should be a report.  

 It is expected that the work should take six to ten weeks to complete. Up to 10,000 Euros (excluding BTW / VAT) is available for the work. Joint submissions with the other piece of work requested by TU Delft OPEN (concerning the improvement of the website) are welcome.   

If you are interested, please send your proposal by email to Alenka Princic at a.princic@tudelft.nl by Thursday 10th November at the latest. The proposal should clarify the methodology, corresponding timeframe and a break-down of costs.  

Timelines for Proposal 

Call published: 14 October 2022 

Closing Date: 10 November 2022 

Review of submissions completed:  17 November 2022 

Start work: Early December 2022